The Database of Religious History (DRH)

The DRH is a massive, standardized, searchable encyclopedia of the current best scholarly opinion on historical religious traditions and the historical record more generally.

It allows users to instantly gain an overview of the state of scholarly opinion and access powerful, built-in analytic and data visualization tools.


CatMapper organizes dynamic and complex category systems commonly used by scientists and policymakers, including ethnicities, languages, religions, political districts, political parties, and technologies. Each of these systems includes thousands of categories encoded in diverse, dynamic and incompatible ways across a growing corpus of thousands of datasets.

CatMapper assists users in: (1) exploring key contextual information about categories of interest (e.g., Aymara ethnicity, Balochi language, Rajshahi district), (2) identifying which of thousands of datasets contain information about specific categories, and (3) reconciling distinct and incompatible encodings for the same category across diverse datasets to enable novel analyses.